Take control of your meetings

for Meetings is the must have meetings app for iPad. Its powerful and intuitive design makes it easy to manage and publish your meeting notes.

Focus on content, not distractions.

Structure content using bullet points and numbered lists
Visualise attendees, apologies and absentees
Use tags to organise your meetings

Swipe, Select, Simple.

  • A swipe down the side of the content makes line selection quick and easy

Drag, Drop, Done.

  • In one seamless step selected content can be moved, copied, indented and more ...

Content tailored to your needs.

  • Record notes, agenda items, actions and more

  • Drag attendees onto lines to connect them to content

  • Update multiple lines with a single tap

Efficiency personified.

  • Select or search the attendee and contacts list to effortlessly add attendees to your meeting

  • Drag and drop attendees around the table or mark them as absent or an apology

Push, Publish, PDF.

Publish as an agenda, notes or minutes

Browse, Filter, Search.

  • Search by tags, attendees, actions, content, or any combination

  • Common searches can be saved as presets for fast selection

  • Import meetings from your calendar or use an existing meeting as a template

Become a Master in Minutes.

  • Help tips highlight relevant features

  • Control how and when tips appear

Watch the demo

An overview of the main features in 90 seconds

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